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A picture of where we are going …

Now that Twitter has launched its photo gallery pulling service “User Gallery’s” that automatically pulls your awesome snap shots from service such as yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram or and even the dreaded “Lockerz” – What does this mean for the overall social experience?

For yonks now I have been talking on twitter about how much I love the photo sharing / filter loving site Instagram. To me, a picture is worth a million words and Instagram (among other photo sharing sites) is where we are going. Augmented reality, tweet pics, flicker mobile and G+ photo sharing / video hangouts lead me to believe (ecstatically) that we are becoming even more image driven in our social experience. I have friends @MonikaRola & @Reddinthecity that use Instagram even more than Facebook and twitter. For personal and corporate use I thing Instagram is a fantastic service. One of the best uses of a brand making the most of the app is The Hudson’s Bay Company (SO Client, though I don’t work on that account), The retro filters work perfectly with this hipster chic brand!

With photos taking the main stage over the 140 character hyperlinked messages where do you see us going next, video? Maybe was just a little before its time…

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Delivering Data With Face

Our dear friends at Google have launched a full-length online magazine called Think Quarterly, a quarterly publication that aims at being a “breathing space in a busy world.”

Upon having a good flick through I am overwhelmed with how they are displaying their awesome data. In my friend circle we call delivering attitude and education with impeccable style: “giving face”. That is exactly what Google is doing, giving face but casting no shade!

They are really meeting a fantastic compromise between great editorial content, cool and contemporary graphic with really adorable web appropriate style. Some of the graphics used in this editorial are beautiful pieces of well composed and constructed art to say the least. I urge you have a good flick through and check it out for yourself.

PS: I think Google might kill you if you refer to them as using infographics.

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More people are using foursquare (just not me)

So…. I use it, ish. Foursquare in my life has come and gone for the most part. I used it when it first launched and was mayor of everything! I had my gym, I had my work, and even my favorite Starbucks. 4sq was an interesting way to engage with my favorite places and see who frequents them often; I even met a guy through foursquare! Much like that relationship, the relationship between me, the app and my kingdom (the places where I once was mayor) has fizzled, and is now nothing more than a  annoyance. I do however still check in at Strategic Objectives only to defend my mayorship from the evil @smichm.

Maybe it’s because of the bad incident I had (Click here for deets) or maybe its because I opened my 4sq up to my twitter audience to easily, but I’m over it.

Facebook places mind you, is something I am so far enjoying! I keep my FB locked down for the most part, only IRL friends and acquaintances are my “Friends“. With Facebook deals being launched in Canada, it excites the inner coupon cutter in me to remember to check in and engage with brands through location. Since Deals just launched last week I will be trying it out in the next few weeks and will let you know how that goes. #StayTuned

Here is an infographic  just released from Foursquare as to how people (just not me) are using it.

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Facebook VS Twitter, Social Showdown.

Last week I came across this interesting and well laid out infographic from the good people at

In the right corner we have Faceboooooooook, weighing in at over 500 MILLION users! And in the Left corner we have Twiiiiiiiter, formerly the underdog but coming up fast with over 106 MILLION users!

(Bell Sound)

Keep it clean kids!


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Old media hating on old media

Loved this pic I found on one of my favorite blogs


And on a semi related subject… Recently I was asked to explain the worth of online vs offline media to a client that loves billboard ads. I told the client one out of home billboard ad will cost you a minimum of $5,000 and you aren’t really targeting anyone except an assumed demographic within a physical area. I then said that the same ad on Facebook can be precisely targeted to your exact demographic in a completely measurable way.

With Facebook not only are the ads measurable and precise, but also cost-effective. a $3,000. ad buy on FB will get you on average 250,000 impressions a day, 7,000,000. impressions a month. 394 click-thorough’s a day to your branded content (hopefully your Facebook site or some other 2 way space) and 11,820 click-through’s a month.

Half of the fear of social media isn’t the investment, it’s the unknown. Educate your clients and help them understand the pay off’s in real world and resumable activity. Old media isn’t old per say it’s just indirect and un-selective in its audience. Try calling old media “indirect media” and new media “direct media”.

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Comment Turned Post Turned Awesome Words To Live By

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I do the occasional “Words to live by” posts. These are tib-bits of info, picturegraphs, talking points and general life lessons I feel are worth sharing. In my last Words to live by I got a comment from the ever lovely Darryl Jonckheere (who himself has an awesome blog). I feel this comment is most definitely worth its own post. So ladies and gentleman without further adieu…

Words to live by #5:

Have a mission. Plan ahead. Question everything. Listen. Collaborate. Assume nothing. Study the past. Keep it simple. Communicate. Draw a diagram. Never sell out. Push harder. Say what you mean. Be open. Roll up your sleeves. Dream. Welcome change. Add value. Aim higher. Foster intuition. Do more with less. Laugh. Innovate. Think sideways. Focus. Mean what you say. Take it to the edge. Relax.

(via Robert L. Peters)

Thanks Darryl!

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Words To Live By #4

This formula really works for most everything. Give it a go!

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How to be alone

In our world of constant connectivity and never ending conversation and engagement you must remember to pause and reflect. Sit a while, think. Ponder the questions that never get answered and say thank you for being you. Part of being social is being yourself, so take the time to catch up with you and remember who you are and what you stand for. Refresh your goals and confirm your beliefs. Be.

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I tumble and sometimes mumble but I don’t fall down

So now I tumble. Well ok, I’m a tumblr.

I started using this site when I soon discovered the limitations of my WordPress. I love my blog don’t get me wrong. I think its elegant and sophisticated. I also love my Twitter because its fun, quick and informative. The stuff I share on my blog is usually industry related and the stuff I share on my twitter is usually a mix of fun links and humorous wit. I decided to get a tumbler so I should more easily show my personality on or right beside my blog. This provides me with a place to post my random mobile pictures and thoughts.

I have a strong feeling that this is the way twitter will soon start to evolve. It seems like a great format for sharing your life experiences with the people in your community. So give it a whirl or should I say a tumble.

Have any tumble tips? Leave them in the comments section.

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