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Last night was the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) ACE Awards. Me and my team were in attendance with our great clients from Unilever and eBay Canada. We were fortunate enough to WIN Silver in the Best Digital Campaign of the year category. I was so prepared to do my best Susan Lucci impression in case we didn’t win, I’m very glad it didn’t come to that. I’m so darn proud of my team @RobManne and @Christinetlu. Here are some pics of the festivities.

Award1 Award2 award3aa aaa

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Forgive me gays, for I have sinned

Forgive me gays, for I have sinned

So I’m not gonna get too deep into the whole God hates gays but loves fried chicken sandwiches deal … #EyeRoll

I think my view point on this is best summed up by this: Dear religion, while you were debating what chicken sandwiches were ok to eat, i just landed on Mars. Sincerely, Science.

That being said, I did stubble upon this awesome web app that offers an awesome penance for those of you who sin with the gay hate sandwiches:

On this site you pick your sin (your sandwich) and it calculates the gay penance you must pay. Check it out!

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Old media hating on old media

Loved this pic I found on one of my favorite blogs


And on a semi related subject… Recently I was asked to explain the worth of online vs offline media to a client that loves billboard ads. I told the client one out of home billboard ad will cost you a minimum of $5,000 and you aren’t really targeting anyone except an assumed demographic within a physical area. I then said that the same ad on Facebook can be precisely targeted to your exact demographic in a completely measurable way.

With Facebook not only are the ads measurable and precise, but also cost-effective. a $3,000. ad buy on FB will get you on average 250,000 impressions a day, 7,000,000. impressions a month. 394 click-thorough’s a day to your branded content (hopefully your Facebook site or some other 2 way space) and 11,820 click-through’s a month.

Half of the fear of social media isn’t the investment, it’s the unknown. Educate your clients and help them understand the pay off’s in real world and resumable activity. Old media isn’t old per say it’s just indirect and un-selective in its audience. Try calling old media “indirect media” and new media “direct media”.

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You are what you carry

Photographer Jason Travis documents what the hipsters in Atlanta have been carrying around in there man bags and purses. If you think about it, it really does represent who you are and what you’re about. You carry around what is important to you and what you need. Here is the link to the article and blog. Check out what I carry around in my man bag. I encourage you to do the same. #CarryOn

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Being real, authentic, and the importance of honestism.

I just had lunch with the lovely Rochelle Latinsky. @rochlatinsky is a great girl for many reasons, but one thing I respect about her the most is her integrity, honestism (Yes I know it’s not a real word, but it should be) and authenticity. We talked about how to maintain a online social media presence that is authentic to who we are without giving away the whole kit and caboodle. By this I mean, putting out a honest and accurate sense of who you are and what you are about without being too personal or too corporate. This to me seems to be what leads to success in the Social Media and marketing world. We talked about how we are a little more corporate and professional during the day while still showing our unique communication style, and then come evening you can learn a little more about our lives and personal thoughts while always (or almost always), remaining put together. I feel it is important to share not just the information you find interesting and relevant but also the context of how it relates to who you are and your point of view.

I think if more brands took this authentic approach to their marketing initiatives we would have a better market. Yes, Yes, I understand that you don’t care about who Exxon mobile is dating or what Martha Stewart Omni living is doing on a Saturday night, but in regards to there media out reach. If brands would learn to communicate a little more authentically and transparently, then brand loyalty would blossom much like a real friendship. And, as we all know you are more likely to trust, buy, or work with a friend than you are from a one dimensional company.

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Social media isn’t just for business relationships. Meeting someone online is no longer creepy. Get over it.

I remember flirting with girls on ICQ. (That should tell you a little bit about how incredibly long I have been using the Internet as a form of scouting out potential dates.) I admit back then (the early 90s) it was a different scene. We had no digital pictures to post, so someone could see if we were a hottie, or a nottie –  It was all in the characters we typed.

One of my first flirtations was with an individual in Tulsa Oklahoma. We met on some archaic chat room and soon became online friends. That friendship / online relationship, lasted about 2 years and was meaningful to say the least. That person helped me through my early teenage years, and was an ear when I had no one else to talk to. As I grew so did the Internet. I never found talking to people online who I didn’t know creepy, like my parents, teachers or newscasters who constantly warned me of predators did.
I have met some of my best friends, best relationships and most genuine connections through social media. Just the other day I was at a dinner party and people were discussing how they all knew each other. These are good people of generally the same age as me (27). Some of them had met at bars, others school, and a few couldn’t remember. When one of them asked me how I knew the person I was sitting next to, I immediately said we met online – he poked me. This took some people aback, the fact that I would admit that to a large group seemed strange, even in 2010. Shortly after I admitted to my online flirtations others started admitting that they too had met on various online sites and chat rooms, all of a sudden this became a hot topic for dinner conversation.

In the US 1 out of 8 married couples met online. People are connecting, poking, tagging, and messaging strangers every day. Its 2010 people lets keep up with the honesty, and open up the discussion on using social media to be social. There is nothing to be ashamed of about putting yourself out there to make new friends, or even lovers.
There is a lot of talk right now about social media being used by business, but I would like to broaden that talk and include non-business related relationship building. Lets let go of the old stigmas about online flirtation, and have a mature open discussion on real social relationship building through online media.

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