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The dark side of social media. Using your powers for good, not (just) evil.

For the past year or so I have been beefing up my social media muscle, primarily using SM to help me out with networking and facilitating PR. This summer I wanted help out and to use my growing powers for good and not just evil (not that my work is evil, but it is for money to support my lavish and glammy lifestyle) #Hardly. I want to use what I know and what I seem to be good at for a good cause. At a party one night I was talking to my dear friend Bobby Hrehoruk, a board member for the Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT). He was telling me that they were eagerly looking to get into social media given they are trying to target youth this year. I knew ACT would be a perfect fit for me given that I have a number of friends who have been affected by HIV and AIDS. I eagerly perused his leads and two months ago, I came on board as the Social Media Chair for the Scotia Bank Aids Walk for Life. This Is an amazing event that happens once a year in early September.

Last week, I attended my 3rd strategy meeting with the other board members. As always, I tweeted that I was attending a strategy meeting at ACT and was looking forward to seeing the progress we had made and talking about work yet to be done. The Tweet was simple and was followed by a Foursquare log in.

My meeting with the 12 other members who make up our board was quickly interrupted by the receptionist who asked if “Andrew Stewart” was available for an urgent call. Immediately I was taken aback. I do not have an extension at ACT nor would anyone know to contact me there.
Anyone who knows me knows that my iPhone is my point of contact (never leaves my hands or sight). I exited the room and went up to reception where I was handed the phone.

The dialog went something like this:

Me: “Hello, Andrew Stewart”
Steve: “Hi this is Steve the manager of ACT I am calling because your services are no longer needed. Please leave”
Me: “Pardon, who is this”
Steve: My name is Steve, I am the manager of ACT. You should leave now, you aren’t wanted”
Me: You mean ACT as in Aids Committee of Toronto? I’m pretty sure I was in a meeting with everyone I am accountable too”
Steve: “I said get out, we don’t want you”
Me: “Who is this? Where are you?”
Steve: I’m the manager and I’m telling you to get out now. I am at ACT in my office”
Me: “No you’re not I’m in the ACT office”
Steve: “You have tested positive for faggotry, you f#cking faggot”
Me: “#^#&$**^$*#(#^#*$& #^#*$^ Steve” (Slams down phone)

I went back to the meeting fuming from this episode, and recounted what just happened. One of my fellow board members said “this is exactly why we do what we do, we have to keep on educating people” Another member said “I hope this doesn’t put you off helping us”, I replied, “It most certainly doesn’t!”.

I have had a number of incidents like this in my life but none that have been this creepy. The person found me on Twitter, or is following me on Twitter. They looked up ACT, called and insisted that I leave a meeting to take their call.

I have no problem with haters, I say bring em’ on! There are lots of reasons not to like me I’m sure, but not ACT and not me helping ACT. This is a wonderful organization that does amazing work. This incident will not stop me or slow me down. It did shake me up and force me to realize that I have to be more careful with what I put out there, but if anything it has empowered me to fight back with love and education.

Love and education will always defeat hate and bigotry.

So get ready kids teacher’s bringing you all to school, and you better get an A.

And to my beloved “Steve”… Here’s a picture of me seductively eating a banana in a pink shirt. Take that loser.

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Pride 30

It’s pride month! I am happy to say I was asked to be one of the featured participants in my friend Rannie Turingan aka @photojunkie‘s Pride 30 blog. For this I was asked to share a story about what pride means to me. Check it out –

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