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This weekend I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to attend the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) pre and after parties by the ever lovely Deb Weinstein of Strategic Objectives.

Deb & Andrew

This event is a staple in the Toronto entertainment industry social circuit. I was excited to be invited for a number of reasons but mostly to spend some time with my friend Deb. Fantastic company aside, I was also looking forward to seeing some great local talent and enjoy some schmoozing with the who’s who of the music industry. Needless to say, the party was pumping and I recognized a number of attendees such as Mike Chalut and Erin Bury. I was delighted to find that with an interesting array of guests came a team of fantastic brand reps and PR peeps (and Tweeps). The event was well managed and had focus. Brands were pushing their plugs in all directions but it wasn’t coming across as forced, rather, quite organic.

Erin, Deb & Andrew

Marketing and product placement has become such a part of these parties that you really do start to associate positive personal memories and emotions when thinking about specific brands. This may sound a little contrived but I think it ads to the “showbizfeel” of a lot of these events. By creating a mobile brand experience where you are the focus you are generating marketing content and adding to the party. I love it! Some of the great brands that were featured at this event were Yellow Tail Wines, Pizza Hut and the delicious Green and Black’s Chocolate. Here are some pics and a video of an amazing musical troupe from Montreal. (Still working on finding out the bands name)

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