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Make Twove Not War

It’s easy to let your ego run away with you when you are talking about yourself, your inishitive, your interesting finds or your work all day – as some of us do on twitter and other social media channels. I have been noticing a negative trend on Twitter as of recent and I feel it’s important address and reassess my position in hope of inspiring others.

“The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.” – Eckhart Tolle

It’s important to remember that in any emerging new community even one as vast as 33 million it is crucial that we put out love, not hate, positivity instead of negativity.

In the wise words of my Mother: “Choose to be happy, it really does beat the alternative”

To all my friends, followers, family and chums: I love you.


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Do You Know TED?

Yesterday was TEDxTO. If you don’t know about TED by now, I strongly urge you to YouTube some excellent TED talks, or just have a poke around my blog for some of the videos I have shared.

To say that yesterdays TED was inspiring would be an understatement. Never have I been in such a warm, smart, compassionate and stimulating setting. The day began early with one of the most beautiful poets I have ever had the privilege of listening to, Boonaa Mohammed. His word song was relevant, funny and provocative. All the things I need early in the morning, and much more awakening than any coffee. Following Boonaa was a man named Drew Dudley, he was one of my favorite speakers of the day. Drew talked about how everyone has the opportunity to change someones life every day without even knowing it just by doing the right thing and having a genuine spirit. His talk touched me because I have had many (Many) of these moments in my life.

Some of the other notable speakers that really made me think were: Dr. Catherine Zahn from CAMH who talked about the importance of compassion to those inflicted with mental illness, and Trey Anthony the creator of “The kink in my hair”.  Another speaker that brought an “Ah Ha Moment” to me was Neil Pasricha, author of “The Book of Awesome”. Interestingly enough Trey and Neil were the only two to get a standing ovation.  DR. Zahn was the #3 trending topic on Twitter Canada.

The atmosphere at TED was so hot you could have fried and egg. Everyone who attended had a story of how they were trying to do things differently to make a positive impact. There was no pretension between doctors and tradesmen, professors and students or front line workers and CEO’s. Everyone was talking to everyone else, sharing their stories, and trading ideas.

Here are a few pictures I took. I was blessed to sit in the front row with such awesome people as Casie Stewart, Distility CEO (The Boss man) Axle Davids, and Dave Coleman.

FYI: A band called Broadway Sleep performed and were AWESEOME! Please check them out.

BTW: A BIG thank you goes out the organizers of TEDxTO for putting on such a great event!

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If I didn’t drink coffee I would be drunk and slightly less genius?

Next week is TEDxTO. I can’t wait!

Here is a great video about the creation of ideas and what spurs us to be creative thinkers.

After watching this I started to wonder: Where do you draw inspiration from?  Where do you have your best ideas?

Have a watch and give me your thoughts.

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Branding Enlightenment

TEDxTO Update: We got in!

Last week, I received a welcome email from the good people at TEDxTO, accepting my application to attend. The best news, was that not just myself but my beloved boss Axle Davids got in too! I can hardly wait for September 30th.

Last night, I was cruising my blogs (Like I do at 1am) and stumbled upon this great video on enlightenment, which got me to thinking (As a video about enlightenment should). I noticed it was well branded and had a clear message: personality, promise and position, what we at Distility like to consider a well-rounded brand. Not only was it educational and interesting, but it was fun to watch!

It seems to me that long gone is the stigma of the scholarly elite. Making compelling and necessary knowledge digestible to the masses is the new school of thought. Like TED, the producers of this video, and a number of other institutions taking up this call to action on educating the masses: at no cost to them but an internet connection.

There is no reason that knowledge can’t be packaged and designed to be desirable, beautiful and easily understood instead of locked in old books and the minds of geniuses.

We are all genius in our own unique way.

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