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What Your Body Will Do in the Next 30 Seconds

Wow, I do all that? in 30 seconds?!? I deserve a break ūüôā and you deserve a cupcake.

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Want to know a little more about what I do at Edelman?

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Awesome(ly sarcastic) infographic tips

Awesome(ly sarcastic) infographic tips


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Forgive me gays, for I have sinned

Forgive me gays, for I have sinned

So I’m not gonna get too deep into the whole God hates gays but loves fried chicken sandwiches¬†deal … #EyeRoll

I think my view point on this is best summed up by this: Dear religion, while you were debating what chicken sandwiches were ok to eat, i just landed on Mars. Sincerely, Science.

That being said, I did stubble upon this awesome web app that offers an awesome penance for those of you who sin with the gay hate sandwiches:

On this site you pick your sin (your sandwich) and it calculates the gay penance you must pay. Check it out!

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What it’s like being a Social Media Manager, kinda.

I get asked a lot about what it’s like being a Social Media Manager (Given I am an Account Manager but same ish kinda deal). This is a but a¬†glimpse¬†in to that world. If i were designing this I would input much more client activity – that’s what pays the bills you know!


What would you ad?


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November / Movember Update

How time flies! The winter season is coming (and fast), batten down the hatches and prepare the nation for some cozy and comforting hibernation!

About a month ago next week I will have been at my new job at Edelman for a month. I’m settling in very nicely and making some awesome new friends. Ill keep it brief – I’m really enjoying my clients and the new work atmosphere, It’s dramatically different than my last job in many ways – all of them positive. I will update you with a grand tour and and some interesting co-worker cameos shortly but for now on to more updates.

This month is #Movember and I am going sans beard for the month. It pained me to shave off my beloved face fur but I am looking forward to seeing just how well i sport a budding lip sweater! I think its gonna be awful, but heck – its for charity. On that note … Please donate and keep my face warm!


You know what goes well with a freezing face and budding moustache? Whisky! Last night I went to the Canadian Club Prohibition party hosted my my notorious cyber sister @CasieStewart. The party was well themed and the drinks were delicious. Although the 20’s were not my personal favorite decade, I can appreciate the strong story and ties Canadian Club has with the era.

Did you know While Prohibition banned beverage alcohol in the US, the law was not in effect in Canada. ¬†During the era of speakeasies and flappers, the Canadian Club headquarters in Windsor, Ontario, was a popular destination for folks like Al Capone, the Purple Gang, and Atlantic City Treasurer Enoch ‚ÄúNucky‚ÄĚ Johnson. – Who knew!

All in all, a great evening put on by the good people at Praxis PR. Koodos chums!

Tonight I’m going to the party – I love the site / concept and tweeps who run it so it should be a hoot. More updates shortly.

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Love the new Facebook timeline!

The new FB profile from

I am so excited to see the new Facebook timeline that was announced at this years F8 conference! It echo’s my last post on how images are becoming the new sharable currency. I love the attention to pictures and new photo layout ūüôā What are you most excited about?

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Words To Live By #5

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Words that lead me

When I was at The Art Of Marketing last year I heard marketing icon @GuyKawasaki speak these words:

This message resignated with me SO much! Not only is this the¬†approach¬†I take with my work as a marketer, but it’s also the mantra I try to live my life to each day. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

You can download this and even more awesome marketing quotes from the ever amazing @HubSpot team in their new ebook: 101 awesome markeing quotes! (Click Here)

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“Back In My Day!” #CPRS360 Event

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest speaker at the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) Ninth Annual 360 Degrees: ALL THINGS CONNECTED round table event. I was invited to speak about the importance of social media within PR.

The night was awesome! A full round of applause is due for Matthew Ventura this years head of the CPRS student association. The event was beautifully produced and everything went off without a hitch.

The event was set up with several tables that had different PR specialties:

Social Media, Government, CSR, Fashion & Beauty, Investor Relations, Hospitality & Tourism, Tech, Public Affairs, Agency, Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Sports & entertainment.

At the Social Media table I was joined by¬†Stacey Fowler, an awesome SM Tweep from Rogers. Stacy and I made a pretty fantastic duo given that my¬†experience¬†is agency and hers is large corporate. We had very different¬†story’s¬†and¬†experiences¬†but agreed on most every aspect, question and approaches that came up. ¬†The questions ranged everywhere from: How did you get started, to How do you conduct measurement and ROI.¬†It was a joy to find out that both our approaches into the¬†field¬†and how we¬†measure¬†our successes were¬†remarkably¬†similar.

The students were friendly, polite and engaged in the experience. Looking back I find myself wishing that I had attended more CPRS events in my PR school days. The CPRS students association is such a valuable and needed community for young PR Tweeps.

Thanks for having me guys, it was a pleasure!

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