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No I’m not talking about Cyndi Lauper – What your brands true colors say about your company!

No I'm not talking about Cyndi Lauper - What your brands color says about your company!

I found this really interesting. Color can say so much about a brand. What does your brand color say?

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A picture of where we are going …

Now that Twitter has launched its photo gallery pulling service “User Gallery’s” that automatically pulls your awesome snap shots from service such as yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram or and even the dreaded “Lockerz” – What does this mean for the overall social experience?

For yonks now I have been talking on twitter about how much I love the photo sharing / filter loving site Instagram. To me, a picture is worth a million words and Instagram (among other photo sharing sites) is where we are going. Augmented reality, tweet pics, flicker mobile and G+ photo sharing / video hangouts lead me to believe (ecstatically) that we are becoming even more image driven in our social experience. I have friends @MonikaRola & @Reddinthecity that use Instagram even more than Facebook and twitter. For personal and corporate use I thing Instagram is a fantastic service. One of the best uses of a brand making the most of the app is The Hudson’s Bay Company (SO Client, though I don’t work on that account), The retro filters work perfectly with this hipster chic brand!

With photos taking the main stage over the 140 character hyperlinked messages where do you see us going next, video? Maybe was just a little before its time…

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More people are using foursquare (just not me)

So…. I use it, ish. Foursquare in my life has come and gone for the most part. I used it when it first launched and was mayor of everything! I had my gym, I had my work, and even my favorite Starbucks. 4sq was an interesting way to engage with my favorite places and see who frequents them often; I even met a guy through foursquare! Much like that relationship, the relationship between me, the app and my kingdom (the places where I once was mayor) has fizzled, and is now nothing more than a  annoyance. I do however still check in at Strategic Objectives only to defend my mayorship from the evil @smichm.

Maybe it’s because of the bad incident I had (Click here for deets) or maybe its because I opened my 4sq up to my twitter audience to easily, but I’m over it.

Facebook places mind you, is something I am so far enjoying! I keep my FB locked down for the most part, only IRL friends and acquaintances are my “Friends“. With Facebook deals being launched in Canada, it excites the inner coupon cutter in me to remember to check in and engage with brands through location. Since Deals just launched last week I will be trying it out in the next few weeks and will let you know how that goes. #StayTuned

Here is an infographic  just released from Foursquare as to how people (just not me) are using it.

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FacePark: There are humans outdoors, and you can speak to them.

Be Stupid, Be Social, Just Be!

If you thought creating a brand page on FaceSpace (As my friend Brendan calls it) was a good marketing idea. How about tapping into the hipster park movement and combine a social network with a social experiment, excellent entertainment, and a pig. Yes, a pig. Now that’s cool creativity!

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Branding Enlightenment

TEDxTO Update: We got in!

Last week, I received a welcome email from the good people at TEDxTO, accepting my application to attend. The best news, was that not just myself but my beloved boss Axle Davids got in too! I can hardly wait for September 30th.

Last night, I was cruising my blogs (Like I do at 1am) and stumbled upon this great video on enlightenment, which got me to thinking (As a video about enlightenment should). I noticed it was well branded and had a clear message: personality, promise and position, what we at Distility like to consider a well-rounded brand. Not only was it educational and interesting, but it was fun to watch!

It seems to me that long gone is the stigma of the scholarly elite. Making compelling and necessary knowledge digestible to the masses is the new school of thought. Like TED, the producers of this video, and a number of other institutions taking up this call to action on educating the masses: at no cost to them but an internet connection.

There is no reason that knowledge can’t be packaged and designed to be desirable, beautiful and easily understood instead of locked in old books and the minds of geniuses.

We are all genius in our own unique way.

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My Smirnoff Experience. Off the Hook and On Brand.

Monday night I was fortunate enough to attend “The Smirnoff Experience”. As far as party’s go this one was OFF the hook and ON brand! Great graphics, great music (with featured international DJ Deadmau5), Great staff and most importantly great drinks.

The thing that made the night epic was definitely the people. They had the perfect crowd there for starting some buzz (and trouble). The twitter crew was there in full force hashtaggin #smirnoffexp and taking / posting pics.

I was most impressed with how on brand it was for Smirnoff. The look and feel was definitely in keeping with what I had thought Smirnoff was. The event was a collaboration between High Road Communications and Mosaic, Good job guys!

Here are some pics. Featured Tweeps: @erin_bury @rochlatinsky @casiestewart @MichaelNus @mynameisguygal @ejbrooks

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Trust = Reliability + Delight

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This weekend I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to attend the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) pre and after parties by the ever lovely Deb Weinstein of Strategic Objectives.

Deb & Andrew

This event is a staple in the Toronto entertainment industry social circuit. I was excited to be invited for a number of reasons but mostly to spend some time with my friend Deb. Fantastic company aside, I was also looking forward to seeing some great local talent and enjoy some schmoozing with the who’s who of the music industry. Needless to say, the party was pumping and I recognized a number of attendees such as Mike Chalut and Erin Bury. I was delighted to find that with an interesting array of guests came a team of fantastic brand reps and PR peeps (and Tweeps). The event was well managed and had focus. Brands were pushing their plugs in all directions but it wasn’t coming across as forced, rather, quite organic.

Erin, Deb & Andrew

Marketing and product placement has become such a part of these parties that you really do start to associate positive personal memories and emotions when thinking about specific brands. This may sound a little contrived but I think it ads to the “showbizfeel” of a lot of these events. By creating a mobile brand experience where you are the focus you are generating marketing content and adding to the party. I love it! Some of the great brands that were featured at this event were Yellow Tail Wines, Pizza Hut and the delicious Green and Black’s Chocolate. Here are some pics and a video of an amazing musical troupe from Montreal. (Still working on finding out the bands name)

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