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It’s a darn good time InToronto!

A few weeks back I went to the InToronto Magazine One year anniversary party at the Roosevelt Room. It was a fabulous time with amazing peeps. I know a number of people at the magazine includeing my dear friend @michaelpihach – who I adore. I adore this magazine because it uses style and substance not sex to sell to the LGBT community. So often people and publications within this community draw on raciness and sensationalism to sell and get attention – InToronto is a more refined and polished publication. Keep up the good work guys, can’t wait till your next party!

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RBC Knows My Friends

Yesterday @DoctorJones posted a cool app from RBC that works with your Facebook to create a cool infographic.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz, talk and overexposure of infographics but you know what I love them! Infographics make the most usual and uninteresting data into easily and quiclly digestable for lack of a better word, posters that you can share. A while ago I was in-talks with one of the BIG banks to do some social media for them. At that time none of the big guns were in social and frankly they were terified at the thought.

I am so glad to see RBC (frankly one of the more bland brands) take on such a cool way of getting young digital types to like their page. Cheers to you Mister Banker! Click here to create your ownAn now to find those 5 friends on my facebook that like American Idol and delete them.

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