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As you all know, just over a year ago I had the privilege of joining the wonderful team at one of Canada’s most award winning agencies – Strategic Objectives.  SO prides itself on creating news worthy PR programs that generate awesome results. In my capacity as Community Manager, I had a unique opportunity in helping this team bring the same strategic approach to the digital realm to generate real social buzz and online coverage. Over the past year I have learned a lot about traditional PR, marketing strategy and digital implementation – but mostly, how it all works together. Along with these key learnings I have made some amazing friends that I will be forever in admiration of. It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I will be leaving Strategic Objectives for a new opportunity.

I have accepted a position at Edelman Canada as an Account Manager. This move signifies a big change for me and one I am excited to make. In moving ahead, I am looking forward to new challenges, working with their great team and using all of the wonderful knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to help build and work on some amazing digital and PR strategies and programs. I know some great people who work for Edelman already and I’m very excited to meet many more.

A heart warming Card from @DebWeinstein

To my SO friends: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am leaving with hugs from both partners, that means a lot to me.

To my new colleagues at Edelman: Hold on, it’s gonna get awesome!


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More people are using foursquare (just not me)

So…. I use it, ish. Foursquare in my life has come and gone for the most part. I used it when it first launched and was mayor of everything! I had my gym, I had my work, and even my favorite Starbucks. 4sq was an interesting way to engage with my favorite places and see who frequents them often; I even met a guy through foursquare! Much like that relationship, the relationship between me, the app and my kingdom (the places where I once was mayor) has fizzled, and is now nothing more than a  annoyance. I do however still check in at Strategic Objectives only to defend my mayorship from the evil @smichm.

Maybe it’s because of the bad incident I had (Click here for deets) or maybe its because I opened my 4sq up to my twitter audience to easily, but I’m over it.

Facebook places mind you, is something I am so far enjoying! I keep my FB locked down for the most part, only IRL friends and acquaintances are my “Friends“. With Facebook deals being launched in Canada, it excites the inner coupon cutter in me to remember to check in and engage with brands through location. Since Deals just launched last week I will be trying it out in the next few weeks and will let you know how that goes. #StayTuned

Here is an infographic  just released from Foursquare as to how people (just not me) are using it.

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Old media hating on old media

Loved this pic I found on one of my favorite blogs


And on a semi related subject… Recently I was asked to explain the worth of online vs offline media to a client that loves billboard ads. I told the client one out of home billboard ad will cost you a minimum of $5,000 and you aren’t really targeting anyone except an assumed demographic within a physical area. I then said that the same ad on Facebook can be precisely targeted to your exact demographic in a completely measurable way.

With Facebook not only are the ads measurable and precise, but also cost-effective. a $3,000. ad buy on FB will get you on average 250,000 impressions a day, 7,000,000. impressions a month. 394 click-thorough’s a day to your branded content (hopefully your Facebook site or some other 2 way space) and 11,820 click-through’s a month.

Half of the fear of social media isn’t the investment, it’s the unknown. Educate your clients and help them understand the pay off’s in real world and resumable activity. Old media isn’t old per say it’s just indirect and un-selective in its audience. Try calling old media “indirect media” and new media “direct media”.

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Werking IT on New Years with #INQNYE

Normally when you are asked to work New Years Eve you are hesitant to say the least. Well not in my case. I have been working on an awesome contest for INQ Mobile for a few months now. The facebook contest was designed to create online buzz and excitement … and that, we did! The idea was to connect with some of Canada’s most notorious and popular bloggers, hook them up with the HOT new INQ 3G chat phone and take them on a epic VIP weekend even Lady Gaga would be jealous of. (Sorry Gaga)

We asked the public and INQ fans to join and “like” the INQ Canada facebook page, upload their most legendary party pics and get their online crew to vote, vote, and vote again. There was much excitement on facebook and twitter about this campaign thought the month that it ran, (you can have a gander by checking out the #INQNYE hashtag). We promoted the contest online with the help from our awesome bloggers, and my personal friends Raymi and Casie Stewart. (Those two Rocked my socks continuously all weekend)

Once the votes were i,n and we had our party crew, it was time to get’er done! Off to Montreal we Fly via Porter (my Favorite airline), picked up by escalade limo’s to chauffer the crew around in style and bring us to our boutique hotel. We had two nights stay at the luxurious and trendy W Hotel Montreal along with a all expenses paid shopping spree (for the contest winners and bloggers) at Style Exchange. After picking out our New Years Outfits we followed up by hair and makeup at a cool downtown salon. The Pièce de résistance for me was the amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of Montreal’s finest hot spots.

The night of we partied like rock stars to a fully loaded VIP experience at a cool and exclusive club. Bottle service and burlesque was the theme of the night. The dancers were awesome and the staff were great. Everything went off without a hitch. Here are some pics from our awesome #INQNYE experience.

I want to also say, not only how awesome my team was (Monika Rola is the best thing since sliced bread) But also how truly awesome Porter Airlines was to me. I tweeted a problem I had and they replayed to me within 15 minutes and called me within 30. I am truly impressed with there social media PR peeps and will continue my ongoing and never ending love for their simple yet elegant brand. Thanks Porter!


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Top 10 things I have learned at Strategic Objectives SO far.

(Yes, another “SO” reference)

1. Everything is a priority!

No matter what you have to do, everything / it all takes precedence. Often prioritizing what you have to do is harder than the actual work.

2. Building a community (because I am now a community manager) is as equally an off-line job as it is an online job.

I am using so many of my high school student council (Go Team!) skills it’s ridiculous.  A tight working happy team is key to a successful         business

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Often the skills you possess and subsequently take for granted are the ones most needed and sought after by your team mates and colleagues. Sometimes the things you find easy may be hard to them and vice versa.

4. The importance of scheduling down time.

These days I am running minute to minute, and most of my day is heavily scheduled. It’s SO important to remember to set aside / schedule some time to do creative thinking, random brainstorming, or look for new creative processes in industry blogs and resources. This will keep you on top of your game and a pleasure to be around.

5. Follow a TO DO list like it’s the 10 commandments.

There will always be work to do, but seeing what you have still to do and what you have successfully completed keeps you motivated and on track.

6. “In journalism you are only as good as your last story. In PR you are only as good as your next story.” (says @DebWeinstein)

7. Never be afraid to ask for help!

Knowing your weaknesses is a valuable strength. Never be afraid to ask for help, it could be what differentiates your work from good – to – AMAZEBALLS!

8. Working with people that “get it” is awesome!

Not every workplace and industry is as supportive of new digital strategies and social media. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that really gets the importance of having a strong industry and online presence.

9. Always work close to a Starbucks and a Sobeys.

10. When working with awesome people make sure you tell them just how awesome they are.

I am working with some of the coolest most talented people here at SO. Their insight, knowledge and skill set is overwhelming, and I’m honored to be part of their community. Here’s just some (the ones who are on twitter at least)

Mellissa Smich – @smichm (My digital bff)

Christie Hill – @Chrislovesxo

kristi Bejczak – @justputb

John Slighte – @jslighte

Ive Balins  – @iveb

Jordanna Shtal – @LadyJordanna

Lindsey Nigra – @Lindz_N (My most awesome office mate)

Olivia  Wu – @livwu

Joanna  Leong  –  @joannaleong

Lisa  Siroki – @Annedewlane

(Big Boss #1) Judy  Lewis – @JudySLewis

Kelly Lynn. Armstrong – @kellylynn_a

Jennifer Buchalter – @Jencor60

Sara Beckford – @SaraBeckford

Monika Rola – @MonikaRola

And the ever awesome (Big Boss #2) @DebWeinstein

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I Have News!

My time at Distility has come to an end. The past 16 months have been the most enjoyable working months of my life, but it is time for me to move on. I will be moving to Strategic Objectives next week to be their first ever in-house Community Manager. This is a very exciting and positive move for me, but also a sad goodbye to my family at Distility.

I have honestly loved every moment at Distility heading our social media and public relations initiatives. I have learned more about branding, marketing and what it means to be a good business man than I could ever have imagined.

This company was my first home as I came back to Toronto after completing my studies, and I am eternally grateful to the Distility team. They are more than just colleagues, they are my friends. Distility will continue on its pursuit to save the branding industry. I have no doubt in my mind that Axle Davids Distility CEO will become the voice of a new generation of brand developers.

I thank my team from the bottom of my heart and know we both will continue to grow and prosper in the years to come. I love you guys!

Andrew F Stewart

Oh, and BTW: I am extremely excited to be working with the great team at SO, including my friend Deb Weinstein and my magnificent partner in crime Melissa Smich.

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