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Last night was the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) ACE Awards. Me and my team were in attendance with our great clients from Unilever and eBay Canada. We were fortunate enough to WIN Silver in the Best Digital Campaign of the year category. I was so prepared to do my best Susan Lucci impression in case we didn’t win, I’m very glad it didn’t come to that. I’m so darn proud of my team @RobManne and @Christinetlu. Here are some pics of the festivities.

Award1 Award2 award3aa aaa


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Awesome(ly sarcastic) infographic tips

Awesome(ly sarcastic) infographic tips


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No I’m not talking about Cyndi Lauper – What your brands true colors say about your company!

No I'm not talking about Cyndi Lauper - What your brands color says about your company!

I found this really interesting. Color can say so much about a brand. What does your brand color say?

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Keep calm and watch this story

As I wrote about before in a “words that move me” post her is a fantastic little story about the campaign that moved the world. This video illustrates the importance of clean and simple messaging. Check it out and repost!

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Speaking: Getting a good Headstart!

Saturday March 10th I will be speaking at the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario) Headstart Conference!


And my caption / bio reads: 

How do you get noticed in a competitive industry?!?

Being noticed, standing out, being seen and getting hired by your dream agency… These are the objectives of all graduating students. These days letting your work speak for you isn’t enough. You must speak FOR your work and learn to speak loudly. In this session Andrew Fraser Stewart, Digital Account Manager at Edelman Toronto and author of, talks about creating a personal brand, owning your online presence, building an influential network and using social media to get yourself seen, known, admired and hired!


Really looking forward to this one 🙂 See you there designers. For more info: Click Here

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What it’s like being a Social Media Manager, kinda.

I get asked a lot about what it’s like being a Social Media Manager (Given I am an Account Manager but same ish kinda deal). This is a but a glimpse in to that world. If i were designing this I would input much more client activity – that’s what pays the bills you know!


What would you ad?


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Where do AWESOME ideas come from?

I think I might be in love with Steven Johnson 

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IBM 2011 CMO Study Video – Key Learnings

IBM releases its inaugural 2011 Global Chief Marketing Officer Study with insights from 1,734 CMOs, spanning 19 industries and 64 countries. How prepared are CMOs to manage the data explosion, social media, and the growth of channel and device choices?

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Drive! The Truth About What Motivates Us

At 6 minutes it gets Awesome!

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A picture of where we are going …

Now that Twitter has launched its photo gallery pulling service “User Gallery’s” that automatically pulls your awesome snap shots from service such as yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram or and even the dreaded “Lockerz” – What does this mean for the overall social experience?

For yonks now I have been talking on twitter about how much I love the photo sharing / filter loving site Instagram. To me, a picture is worth a million words and Instagram (among other photo sharing sites) is where we are going. Augmented reality, tweet pics, flicker mobile and G+ photo sharing / video hangouts lead me to believe (ecstatically) that we are becoming even more image driven in our social experience. I have friends @MonikaRola & @Reddinthecity that use Instagram even more than Facebook and twitter. For personal and corporate use I thing Instagram is a fantastic service. One of the best uses of a brand making the most of the app is The Hudson’s Bay Company (SO Client, though I don’t work on that account), The retro filters work perfectly with this hipster chic brand!

With photos taking the main stage over the 140 character hyperlinked messages where do you see us going next, video? Maybe was just a little before its time…

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